We offer several avenues for education for Dynamics CRM developers and administrators

Looking for Dynamics CRM Developer Training?

Here is our current course list:

  • Plugin Development for Dynamics CRM
  • JavaScript Development with Dynamics CRM
  • Extending Dynamics CRM Workshop

These classes are offered to the public about every 2-3 months but custom classes specifically for your company are also available.

Upcoming Workshops:

  • Upcoming Workshop: Dynamics CRM Management and Troubleshooting (On Premises)
  • New Workshop: Dynamics CRM Management and Troubleshooting (Online)

For Dynamic CRM Partners:

Need an on-boarding process to build-up the Dynamics CRM knowledge level of your new employees? If so, the please contact us and we can discuss our on-boarding program with you.

Self-Study Training

This course is designed to enhance the skills of both new and existing Dynamics CRM Administrators. The information conveyed in this course are the lessons learned from almost ten years of working with Dynamics CRM.