Dynamics CRM 2011 Quick-Tip: Double-clicking e-mail addresses

I didn’t actually realize it until this week, but if you double-click on an email address field within Dynamics CRM 2011, it will actually open the default email application ( such as Microsoft Outlook ), and create a new e-mail message.

So double-clicking this email address:


Results in a standard Outlook e-mail message being opened:



I verified that this was not how CRM 4.0 worked.

Anyway, it’s a really cool feature and can be a real time-saver.

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Peter Hale - April 4, 2012 Reply

Hi Mitch

Correct, but Jim Wang (I think it was him) showed us how to get CRM 4 to do it with javascript.

//*** email address Double click

fnEmailAddress = function(emailfield)
if (emailfield != null)
emailfield.style.textDecoration = “underline”;
emailfield.style.color = “blue”;

emailfield.ondblclick = function()
{ var email = emailfield.DataValue;
if ((email != null) && (email.length > 0))
{ window.navigate(“mailto:” + email);


//—- for onchange event of each email address

fnEmailMailTo = function(emailfield)
if (emailfield.DataValue != null)
if (emailfield.DataValue.substring(0,7) == “mailto:”)
emailfield.DataValue = emailfield.DataValue.substring(7,(emailfield.DataValue.length));

the onchange event then had


correct field name in it



Nicole - September 20, 2012 Reply

That’s a nice tip. It works with the website field too.

    Mitch Milam - September 20, 2012 Reply

    Thanks Nicole. It’s actually always worked with the website field. The email enhancement is new to CRM 2011.

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