Increase the level of play for you, your team, and your company by hiring a coach!

I often run into customers who need additional help with either an architectural issue or a project they are working on. Many times, they do not have a need for a full-blown consulting engagement, but need to have access to someone they can bounce ideas off of when they hit a roadblock or a fork-in-the-road and need help with an architectural decision.

Sometimes it is just simply that you need someone to ask, "Am I doing this the right way?"​

I can help with those type of questions.​

Here is how the process works:

Prepaid Coaching time is purchased in blocks of 5 or 10 hours. Prepaid blocks are discounted from our normal consulting rates and payment must be made via credit card.

Each prepaid block includes a free 30-minute planning session to establish the goals and requirements for the project or task.

5-Hour Block

5-hour blocks are discounted to $185 per hour for a total of $925.

10-Hour Block

10-hour blocks are further discounted to $165 per hour for a total of $1,650.