Click Dimensions Survey Tip of the Day: Email Field

Surveys are a great feature of Click Dimensions because it allows you to collect information directly from a person, then have that information recorded and attached to a Lead or Contact within Dynamics CRM.

And I truly love anything that automates my life.

I learned something interesting while creating a survey for my Becoming a Dynamics CRM Architect class: There is a built-in field for email – and you need to use that field.


Survey Basics

Surveys are actually two components:

1. Questions.

2. A Survey Web Content

First you create all of your survey questions, then add them to your survey using the Click Dimensions survey designer.


Creating a Survey

The Survey Designer is pretty simple to use since it is really just drag and drop and if you have spent any time with the Dynamics CRM Form Designer, you should be right at home.

Here is the list of questions that exist within my survey question library:


These are a combination of text fields, drop-down lists, and checkboxes.

Notice that I created an Email field? Well, that was a mistake, and it was a mistake because of this:


Notice that there is a built-in Survey Component called Email

Well, at first, I did not, which is why I created my own.


The Issue

I turns out that the Survey process uses the Email Survey Component to locate and identify the person filling out the survey.

If you use your own field, like I did, it has no way of knowing who the person is.

This problem can be identified by the survey process either NOT creating a new contact or lead, for a new person, or associating the survey with an existing contact or lead.


Once I dug into it a little and realized my mistake, I was able to replace the field on the form, and everything works as it is supposed to.

Keep that in mind the next time you create a survey.

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Jukka Niiranen - October 5, 2014 Reply

Another “gotcha” with ClickDimensions surveys and forms is that you don’t want to have more than one field of the type “email” included there. I’ve seen some interesting results when a customer has wanted to collect multiple email addresses on the same form, which can throw off the matching logic built into CD. It’s better to create these as standard text fields instead and do the processing once the submitted form data is in CRM, if you really must have more than one email address on the form.

    Mitch Milam - October 5, 2014 Reply

    Interesting. No, I did not know that. Great info.

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