New Workshop: Understanding Dynamics CRM Processes
Hi Everyone, I have been trying to formalize some of my Dynamics CRM automation and processing training and I think[...]
Free Webinar Friday: Introduction to the Dynamics CRM Interactive Service Hub recording is live
The recording of today's webinar is now live and may be viewed here.   Please let me know if you[...]
Announcing the Dynamics CRM Developer Bootcamp in June.
Course description If you are looking to get started with Dynamics CRM development, and are looking for an instructor-led, hands-on[...]
Today’s webinar recordings are live
You may view them here:   7 Training Strategies to Increase Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Adoption   xRM@Work Live: A[...]
Free Webinar Friday: Dynamics CRM Advanced Workflows
This week’s webinar: Dynamics CRM Advanced Workflows Friday, Apr 8, 2016 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CDT    Register here[...]
Dynamics CRM JavaScript Learning Plan now available
Happy Friday Everyone, I’ve released a free learning plan for those of you interested in Dynamics CRM JavaScript. It shows[...]
Announcing my Mentoring Program
Hi Everyone, I decided to formalize my mentoring program to hopefully open the door to more organizations. This is a[...]
Webinar Campaigns with Click Dimensions
I have been doing a lot of webinars lately through my Teaching Tuesdays program and in doing so, I am[...]
Click Dimensions QwikTip: Create a standard blank email template
I have found it very convenient to have a standard email template to use as a basis for sending out[...]
Finding all activities for a particular entity type
I am in the process of migrating one of my customers from Dynamics CRM 2011 to Dynamics CRM 2015. While[...]
Announcing Twenty-One Squared: Self-Study Training for Dynamics CRM
  Twenty-One Lessons in Twenty-One Days I have conducted a lot of training over the past two years but found[...]
“Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error occurs when configuring the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook client
Here is an interesting issue related to Dynamics CRM 2013 and the Outlook client.[...]
Event Follow-up using Click Dimensions Event Registration Data
In our previous article, Click Dimensions: Use webinar data to create marketing lists, we discussed how to create marketing lists[...]
Click Dimensions Survey Tip of the Day: Email Field
Surveys are a great feature of Click Dimensions because it allows you to collect information directly from a person, then[...]
Click Dimensions: Use webinar data to create marketing lists
One of the things that I really love about the integration between GoTo Webinar and Click Dimensions is the ability[...]
Do not allow bulk email. Good or Bad?
If you have any of the marketing solutions that integrate with Dynamics CRM, like Click Dimensions, Silverpop, or PowerMailChimp,(to name[...]
Enable the Contact Field: Do Not Allow Bulk Email to be used in Advanced Find
It turns out that the Searchable proper on the Contact field Do not allow bulk emails defaults to No, as[...]
Enhancing the ClickDimensions Forms CAPTCHA Control
I accidentally figured out a great way to enhance the CAPTCHA control used on ClickDimensions forms to prevent auto-bots from[...]
Monitoring Prospects and their Email Preferences
Microsoft Dynamics CRM has two settings that determine how email is delivered to a Lead, Contact, or Account: Do Not[...]
Searching for Contacts with the Do Not Bulk Email Flag Set
Ok, this is actually a trick, because you can’t.  The attribute on this field that allows it to be searched[...]
Workflow ownership and disabled users
I and into a situation this week that I have never encountered.  Some of my workflows were in a waiting[...]
How to find what does not exist
Using a static Marketing List to identify records where a specific criteria does not exist Today we have a guest[...]
Searching for Emails to a specific person
I ran across something yesterday that I can honestly say I have never had to do within Dynamics CRM: Show[...]
Online2 is available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
It seems Microsoft has started rolling out an update to CRM 2013 Online called, “Online2.’ Here is a link to[...]
Handy Help Links for Dynamics CRM 2013
I just received a great link to a information page from one of the Microsoft folks: Check Out These Handy[...]
Renewing a Contract Error: The state of end date is not valid
One of my customers occasionally runs into the following error when attempting to renew a contract: This is a very[...]
Working with Queues
I was working on some queues at a customer last week when I discovered a design issue that I needed[...]
Tip o’ the Day: Working with Queues
At times, it can be difficult to manage queues, if you have a large number of users because the normal[...]
Contacting Your Customer: The Good and The Bad
I wanted to show you two examples of contact with a customer. In my opinion, one is good, and one[...]
Adding People to Marketing Lists
I was verifying some data in one of my CRM Online instances when I noticed something about Marketing Lists that[...]
Issues Exporting View Data to Microsoft Excel
Occasionally I see issues when I am trying to export data from a Dynamics CRM 2011 view to Microsoft Excel.[...]
Manually hiding the CRM 2011 Ribbon
Some may call me Captain Obvious, but sometimes it is the obvious that passes us by. As is today's Dynamics[...]
Dynamics CRM 2011 Quick-Tip: Double-clicking e-mail addresses
I didn't actually realize it until this week, but if you double-click on an email address field within Dynamics CRM[...]
Training, Training, Training
Earlier in the month I participated in an MVP Roundtable with the xRMVirtual Users Group where I discussed the importance[...]