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Defaulting Advanced Find to always show details

I was teaching a webinar on Thursday and I told the students about a personal options setting that will save you a click every time you open the Advanced Find dialog.

By default, the Details of the query are hidden, as you can see here:


To actually edit the query, you must click details button on the Ribbon:


Which will result in the query being editable, as you can see below:


To turn this option on permanently, select File, Options to display the personal options dialog.

Change the Advanced Find Mode from Simple to Detailed as shown below:


Click OK when you’re done.

From now on, the Advanced Find will default to showing details so you can immediately begin to alter the query.

Issues Exporting View Data to Microsoft Excel

Occasionally I see issues when I am trying to export data from a Dynamics CRM 2011 view to Microsoft Excel.

The error messages may vary, but they may describe not being able to start a process or something.


The Cause

Most of these issues seem to be related to the startup time of Excel, when Excel is not running.  The problem does not seem to surface when Excel is already running.

There is some type of timeout involved, like maybe around 10-20 seconds, that Internet Explorer will allow before canceling the operation.

If Excel and the worksheet haven’t completed loading during that time frame, IE will cancel the opening of the worksheet, though Excel will complete it’s startup process.

Attempting the operation again, will usually result in the successful loading of the worksheet.

The startup time for the Excel will depend on menu factors, including the number of add-ins that Excel must load during the startup process. The more add-ins you have, the longer Excel’s load time.


The Solution

There are a couple of solutions to this issue:

1. Start Microsoft Excel before attempting to load the worksheet.

2. When prompted by Excel, select Save, then open the worksheet from Excel manually.